High School

The 2020/2021 School Year


Now Accepting Applications For The 2020/2021 School Year


Our high school program is delivered in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Education Secondary School Curriculum and offers a unique approach where students focus on one unit project for 2-4 weeks, as the traditional subjects are connected through themes they relate to the project. It is a combination of project-based learning and interdisciplinary learning, which research has consistently shown is an approach that leads to increased motivation and deeper learning. We offer two semesters during the school year. Click here for key calendar dates in 2020-21. 

Key Features:
• Interdisciplinary Learning
• Project-Based Learning
• Small classes - max 15 students - working together for the entire term
• Meaningful peer connections Subject specialist teachers joining your child’s class daily
• 1:1 meeting with teacher-facilitator each week to provide learning support and general guidance and collaboration through group work and discussion 
• One teacher-facilitator who will oversee your child’s progress as a whole person, live/synchronously daily



Join our online blended-learning program, from 9 am to 2:30 pm each day in a virtual environment with teachers and peers. We have designed our full-time program as an integrated curriculum model to accelerate learning in a synergistic, connected way with four courses over two semesters for our high school program.

Classes are offered during the week (Monday to Friday). 

First semester: October 1st, 2020