Our Team

OUR TEAM      

Below are some of our core staff and advisory team members, who join us with a wide range of experience in various areas of education and other relevant industries, with backgrounds in both the public and private sector. All of them are commited to delivering a quality program, adding value, and making sure students meet their goals and objectives. 

Everyone on our team is eager to make the student experience a meaningful one. We are committed to guiding each student on their journey and ensuring their time at Fuller is transformative.    

Leslie Zulauf


Director & Founder, Fuller Academy

After spending numerous years teaching, managing, and creating in the education and travel sectors, I came to understand that there is a need for the development of a school that can blend the most effective educational concepts into one model. My solution was to merge a comprehensive interdisciplinary design with a hybrid delivery platform. Everyone at Fuller Academy understands that all learning should be connected, purposeful, current, and relevant. The people you see below have been instrumental in sharing this vision to build a better school and are here to bring it to life! 

Michael Ogrodnik


Board of Advisors

Dr. Neil Orlowsky holds a PhD. in Social Justice Education, and a Doctor of Philosophy Certificate in Comparative International Development Education from the University of Toronto’s OISE. Academically, his areas of research include solution-based education, studies and solutions to global conflict, peace education, and psychocultural vs. socio-cultural narratives. Dr. Orlowsky is an active lecturer and has authored papers on engaging youth in humanitarianism, growth mindsets and inquiry models, and the need for non-dualistic approaches to conflict resolutions and reconciliation. In 2016, he was nominated for the Harold W. McGraw Jr. North American Innovator in Education Award, and is a recipient of a Teacher of the Year Award in Ontario.

Michael Ogrodnik


Curriculum Development: Media, Arts and Design

Michael brings almost thirty years of public teaching experience to Fuller Academy. He has recently retired from the Peel Board and is very excited about the challenge of teaching in a new environment. While able to teach in various content areas, his primary focus and specialist training is in Visual Arts, History, Drama, and Music. Michael’s pedagogical approach is consistent with the school’s - rooted in the belief that no subject should be taught in isolation, but rather, must be explored through an interdisciplinary lens of study.

Wendy Mulligan



Wendy holds a Psychology/Sociology Degree from Queen’s University and has been involved in Training and Education for over 15 years. Supporting others in becoming their best has been a core value since she began her professional career in the corporate world. Her professional design and delivery of Soft Skills Training Programs in problem-solving, conflict resolution, and stress management make her a great asset. Once she transitioned into International Education, Wendy’s leadership drove the academic and social success of hundreds of high school students each year in her role as Program Manager for an International Exchange Program. During her time as a teacher at an International School in Poland, she deepened her commitment to serving students and to providing them with the vital foundations and experiences that had powerful impact in shaping their future. 

Liz Lambert


Student Counseling

Liz Lambert has an MSW from the University of Toronto and a MSc from Oxford. Graduating with the highest GPA in the MSW program and in the top 10% at Oxford, one could say Liz is committed to achieving excellence. Liz taught students ESL for many years and created a very successful workshop on communication and presentation skills that helped students gain confidence and overcome their fears. Liz gains the most satisfaction from helping students reach their highest potential, through empathic listening and strength-based coaching and guidance. Her determination is tackling difficult challenges, such as swimming from Alcatraz to the shore and walking the length of Ireland in record speed for charity, makes her a healthy and inspiring role model. It is also proof that we can accomplish anything we set our mind to.

Sonia Cheng



Sonia has a long standing history within the education and student travel sectors. Sonia is our go-to-gal for all things administrative. She is the centre of the hub that keeps Fuller Academy rolling. As a formally trained teacher, Sonia has largely spent her time in the private sector. She has worked closely with domestic and international schools to arrange educational and cultural travel experiences. Sonia has travelled to over 30 countries, with a pause to live in Japan for a number of years.   



Curriculum Development

Jill has taught in public, private, and International Baccalaureate schools in a variety of roles for 10 years and specializes in design thinking-based curriculum development. She is deeply passionate about helping students develop future-ready skills in a real-life context that matters to them. Jill has taught English Language Arts, ESL, French, as well as other roles in schools, including: librarian, technology integrator, and special education liaison. Jill joins the Fuller Academy team as a curriculum developer, with a focus on design thinking and interdisciplinary learning. Her wide range of experience in schools and beyond has only strengthened her belief that traditional education needs to change to meet the needs of today’s students in todays world.



Finance and Technology Department

Mike began his career in the financial services industry in the 1990s where he worked with leading financial advisors helping retail investors navigate their portfolio decisions. With over two decades of sales experience in the investment and technology industry, Mike has built a rich career of knowledge and understanding in various aspects of finance.  His curious nature and passionate attitude saw him build a solid framework in the Blockchain innovation throughout the growth of Cryptocurrency in 2017. In January 2018, Mike achieved certification in the newly developed Blockchain course at the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University. Since then, Mike has fine-tuned his financial acumen and has led business development in the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence industry across North America and Europe. As the instructor of the Blockchain 101 course at Fuller Academy, Mike hopes to inspire enthusiasm about the Blockchain innovation.