A Fuller Student


A 360° Perspective 

A Fuller student can aspire to be many things but what we believe defines a Fuller student is a willingness to make an effort to engage in their learning, take chances, find better ways of doing things, and the potential to think and learn independently. A Fuller student makes an effort to contribute positively, enjoys solving problems, can work well both in a group and on their own, and appreciates feedback.


Resilience and Full Potential

At Fuller, we recognize that understand the importance of grades as students aspire to meet their academic and career objectives. Our program is not designed to be any more challenging or difficult than a typical high school program, but it is designed to be more engaging and fun, which has been proven to boost student learning outcomes and acheive better results. We welcome students who want to be challenged, who are curious and eager to explore, and we are here to support and help them meet their academic goals and realize their career aspirations.



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