A Fuller Student

We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims.

R. Buckminster Fuller


The job skills most sought-after in tomorrows world will be problem-solving and creativity. Problem-solving is an innate, and an aquired skill that can be developed through comprehensive, or (w)holistic thinking practices. Whether one is a computer programmer, a health professional, a teacher, or whaatever, when one is able to see their profession or business in an interdisciplinary way, they are able to more effectively find solutions, manage projects, and organize their work.

Additionally, an ability to adapt to change and a fearless resilience will also be valued skills. A Fuller student is curious, eager to learn, and enjoys finding better ways of doing things. They are able to work well both independently and in groups. 



Grades as an assessemnt tool is an important feedback mechanism, as students aspire to attain their objectives and measure progress. However, we believe chasing "good grades" is secondary to learning for life. Our program is designed for students and parents who feel as we do, that learning for learning sake should be the primary focus of an "educaion". We integrate various aspects of proven effective models which has been shown to boost learning outcomes and interest. We welcome students who are curious and eager to learn and explore. Our mission is to support students in finding their way through school and into a meaningful career, helping them meet their academic goals and assisting them in realizing their career aspirations.



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